Super Erecta® Wire Shelving, Chrome-Plated, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
Super Erecta™
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19766-162EA 145.33 USD
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Super Erecta® Wire Shelving, Chrome-Plated, Metro™
Furniture Shelves
Standard shelves up to 121.9 cm (48") in length can support up to 363 kg (800 lbs.) per level. Standard shelves longer than 121.9 cm (48") and all super wide shelves can support up to 272 kg (600 lbs.) per level.

  • Chrome-plated shelves are perfect for dry environments with minimal exposure to corrosives
  • Open-wire design minimizes dust accumulation, allows a free circulation of air, and provides greater visibility of stored items

Note: The 35.6 cm (14") wide shelves require the use of footplates (see 19766-814 series) when used as a freestanding unit. The actual length of the shelves is 3.2mm (⅛") shorter than the nominal dimension shown. Stationary posts over 189.6 cm high and mobile posts over 138.6 cm high are not for use with 35.6 cm wide shelves. The height of the chrome-plated and stainless steel stationary posts includes a leveling bolt and cap. Stationary posts over 220 cm high are not for use with shelves less than 61 cm (24") wide.

Easy shelf adjustment is possible through the use of SiteSelect® stationary or mobile posts (sold separately), which allow shelves to be readjusted and snapped into place at precise 2.5 cm (1") increments along the entire height of the post. An easily identifiable double groove is positioned every 20.3 cm (8") to further aid shelf alignment. Stationary posts are fitted with adjustable leveling bolts for use on uneven surfaces. Mobile posts require the purchase of stem casters. Stem casters (see 19766-236 series) and shelf dividers and ledges (see 22233-212 series) are available separately.

Certificaciones: Shelves meet MIL-S-40144E specifications.

Información para pedidos: Each shelf and post is sold separately. To order posts or accessories, contact your VWR representative for more information. Each shelf includes four pairs of plastic split sleeves for securing shelf to posts.
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