Olympic™ DIP Tube Tote Boxes, Metro International

Supplier: Metro International
TB95050NAT CI95050CAS TB95050CAS TB95050NAT TB95050CAS CI95050CAS
22221-316EA 48.4 USD
CA22221-316 CA82002-506 22221-316 CA22221-282 82002-506 22221-282
Olympic™ DIP Tube Tote Boxes, Metro International
Boxes ESD-Safe Boxes
These boxes offer safe and efficient storage of DIP tubes and other items

Natural boxes are made of a polypropylene-based resin material and have a high chemical resistivity. Natural boxes are gray. Bentron™ is a polypropylene-based material with a carbon additive to provide an electrically conductive path through the material. Bentron™ has a surface resistivity of <105ohms/sq. Bentron™ products are black.

The insert style cover fits inside the rim of the tote box and has a finger hole that enables easy removal.

Boxes are durable, stackable, and feature high impact strength. There are flat surfaces on each side of the box that are convenient places to affix labels and bar codes. Choose from Natural or Bentron™ material.

Información para pedidos: Dividers, card holders, other sizes of tote boxes, and boxes and covers made of other materials are available. Contact your Avantor representative for more information.
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