Calcein-AM fluorescent dye, Corning®

Supplier: Corning

Synonyms: Calcein O,O′-diacetate tetrakis(acetoxymethyl) esterCalcein acetoxymethyl ester

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Calcein-AM fluorescent dye, Corning®

The fluorescent dye calcein acetoxymethylester (calcein AM) can be used to label cells when performing analyses such as tumour cell invasion, endothelial cell migration, endothelial cell tubulogenesis, and other cell-based assays.

  • Non fluorescent cell viability indicator
  • Cell permeant compound that is hydrolysed by intracellular esterases in the fluorescent anion calcein

Calcein AM can be used to fluorescently pre- and post-label viable cells and perform kinetic and endpoint experiments, respectively.

The fluorescent dyes, calcein acetoxymethylester (calcein AM), can be used with Falcon* Corning FluoroBlok* cell culture inserts and insert systems to label cells when performing analyses such as tumor cell invasion, endothelial cell migration, and other cell-based assays

Precaución: NOTE: Cells are known to tolerate different fluorescent dyes for varying amounts of time in culture. Cells labelled with calcein AM should be exposed to the dye for less than eight hours.

Formula: C₄₆H₄₆N₂O₂₃
MDL Number: MFCD05861516
CAS Number: 148504-34-1

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