Formaway Waste Collection Container, Mopec

Supplier: Mopec
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Formaway Waste Collection Container, Mopec
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Mopec’s Formaway collection containers are used to collect spent formalin for neutralizing.

  • Collect waste in a designated collection container
  • Use a funnel with a 'screen insert' while collecting waste to remove tissue debris from waste
  • Add the entire contents of one formaway bottle to each gallon of aldehyde waste
  • Secure lid on the collection container and agitate container to thoroughly mix solutions, make sure the agitation ultimately results in complete dissolution of formaway formalin neutralizer powder
  • Allow the mixed solution to stand for 20 to 25 minutes for the reaction to be complete
  • If required, test treated solution for any aldehyde residual prior to disposal (follow instructions for formaway formaldehyde residual screening test kit)
  • Pour treated waste into sanitary sewer and rinse container with cold tap water, preparing it for re-use

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