Masterflex® Pressure Gauge Guard Gaskets and Protector Caps, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
40GGI-PX-150 EA 40GGI-G-200 40GGI-E-100 EA 40GGI-E-150 EA 42GGI-E-075 EA 40GGI-PX-200 EA 42GGI-PX-075 EA 40GGI-G-150 EA 40GGP-PX-150 42GGP-PX-075 EA 40GGI-E-200
MFLX30565-62EA 60.98 USD
MFLX30565-62 MFLX30565-06 MFLX30565-08 MFLX30565-12 MFLX30565-02 MFLX30565-68 MFLX30565-14 MFLX30565-64 MFLX30565-86 MFLX30565-88 MFLX30565-66
Masterflex® Pressure Gauge Guard Gaskets and Protector Caps, Avantor®
Seals Sealing Rings
Simple accessories to protect your delicate pressure gauge.

  • Choose from platinum-cured silicone, FKM, EPDM or PTFE materials

Use these gaskets and caps to protect the sensitive pressure membrane on your sanitary pressure gauge! All are available for sanitary clamp connections in sizes from 3/4" to 2".

Gaskets feature sanitary seal edges and a full membrane made of the same material as the sealing gasket edge. No more worry about particulates and film building up on your pressure membrane! Available in platinum-cured silicone, FKM, EPDM and PTFE.

Sanitary Gauge Protectors (Caps) feature a platinum-cured silicone frame with stainless steel mesh cap to cover the gauge pressure membrane. When removing the gauge for transport or cleaning operations, simply cover the pressure membrane with the protector. When in use, remove the cap and install. The cap features a silicone loop to stay with the gauge during process operation.
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