Masterflex® Reducer Fittings, Male NPT Threaded, Straight, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
RN6-2NK7-MF 10PK RN4-2NK7-MF 10PK MAKE-UP RN6-2PP(10 PACK) RN8-6NN(60 PACK) RN6-4K(10 PACK) RN6-4NN(6 PACK) RN8-2NK7-MF 10PK RN8-2PP(10 PACK) RN8-2NN(6 PACK) RN8-6PP(100 PACK) MPT-3412B-10 RN6-2HDPE(10 PACK) RN6-2NN(6 PACK) RN8-6PP(10 PACK) RN4-2HDPE(10 PACK) RN8-4HDPE(10 PACK) RN6-4PP(100 PACK) RN8-6NN(6 PACK) RN8-4NK7-MF 10PK MPT-3412B-100 RN8-6NK7-MF 10PK RN4-2NN(6 PACK) RN8-4PP(10 PACK) MAKE-UP RN4-2PP(10 PACK) RN4-2PP(100 PACK) RN6-4PP(10 PACK) RN6-4HDPE(10 PACK) RN8-4NN(6 PACK) RN8-6HDPE(10 PACK) MAKE-UP
MFLX40627-43EA 92 USD
MFLX40627-43 MFLX30623-40 MFLX30623-41 MFLX30623-42 MFLX40623-43 MFLX30623-46 MFLX40623-47 MFLX30623-48 MFLX06349-86 MFLX06349-87 MFLX40627-55 MFLX30627-54 MFLX40623-51 MFLX30623-50 MFLX30623-52 MFLX40623-55 MFLX40627-35 MFLX30623-32 MFLX30623-54 MFLX40623-35 MFLX30623-34 MFLX30623-36 MFLX40623-39 MFLX30623-38 MFLX31902-00 MFLX40615-33 MFLX40615-34 MFLX40615-35 MFLX40615-31 MFLX31701-88 MFLX40615-32 MFLX31701-89
Masterflex® Reducer Fittings, Male NPT Threaded, Straight, Avantor®
Quick and easy assembly.

  • Ideal for general-purpose and single-use applications, to connect tubing with rest of system
  • Determine which connector type is needed for your application by contacting free technical application assistance*
  • Global market leader in range of materials for most extensive chemical compatibility
  • Single-use custom configuration solutions to minimize downtime
  • Regulatory approvals to match your unique application
  • Always in stock—most materials and configurations available to ship same day
  • Unique packaging options include individuals, packs, and kits for customer-friendly ordering and delivery

Threaded fittings provide a more permanent fluid path. Use these fittings to reduce or enlarge connection sizes. Choose the size and material to meet your application needs.
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