Masterflex® Direct-Read Variable-Area Flowmeters for Gases, Aluminum, 150-mm, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
T53/1-112-04S T51/1-044-06ST T51/1-062-13S T51/1-112-04G T53/1-034-07ST T51/1-102-12S T53/1-062-02ST T51/1-034-09ST T51/1-062-07C T51/1-062-12G T51/1-062-02ST T53/1-042-11S T51/1-082-05G T53/1-112-06S T51/1-112-06S T51/1-034-07ST T51/1-044-19C T51/1-034-15ST T53/1-034-15ST T51/1-062-30ST T51/1-032-22C T53/1-062-12G T51/1-082-07C T51/1-042-11S T51/1-092-05G
MFLX32006-70EA 427.9 USD
MFLX32006-70 MFLX32006-92 MFLX32006-94 MFLX32006-72 MFLX32006-90 MFLX32007-80 MFLX32006-96 MFLX32007-64 MFLX32007-86 MFLX32006-74 MFLX32006-99 MFLX32007-66 MFLX32006-76 MFLX32006-98 MFLX32007-94 MFLX32006-82 MFLX32006-84 MFLX32007-92 MFLX32006-80 MFLX32006-68 MFLX32006-86 MFLX32007-98 MFLX32006-64 MFLX32006-66 MFLX32006-88
Masterflex® Direct-Read Variable-Area Flowmeters for Gases, Aluminum, 150-mm, Avantor®
Flow Meters
Ideal for gas applications where metal components must be minimized.

  • Transparent front safety shield enhances reading resolution by 16%
  • Rugged design features case-enclosed flowtube
  • Tubes include a fused ceramic scale as a precise, permanent measuring guide

These meters eliminate the need for correlation charts with direct-reading scales for individual routine gases. The inert PTFE and glass wetted parts combine with the rigid anodized aluminum frame to offer a unique solution for ultra-pure gas applications. Flowtubes are replaceable.
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