Masterflex® Sanitary Gaskets, Polymers, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
40RXPX-150 1-1/2" 10PK 40RXPX-200 2" 10PK 40MPE-150 1-1/2" 10PK 40RXPX-100 1" 10PK 40RXPX-400 40MPU-250 2-1/2" 10PK 40MPE-400 42MPU-075 3/4" 10PK 42MPSFY-075 3/4" 10PK 40MPSFY-250 2-1/2" 10PK 40MPG-250 2-1/2" 10PK 40MPG-200 2" 10PK 40MPG-100 1" 10PK 40MPU-100 1" 10PK 40RXPX-300 3" 10PK 42RXPX-050 40MPE-250 2-1/2" 10PK 40RXPX-W 2" 10PK 40MPE-100 1" 10PK 42RXPX-075 10PK 40MPU-400 42RXPX-050 10PK 40MPSFY-200 2" 10PK 40RXPX-600 10PK 40MPG-150 1-1/2" 10PK 42MPE-075 3/4" 10PK 42MPG-075 3/4" 10PK 40MPU-200 2" 10PK 40MPSFY-150 1-1/2" 10PK 40MPSFY-100 1" 10PK 40RXPX-F-400 10PK 40MPSFY-400 40MPU-150 1-1/2" 10PK 40MPE-200 2" 10PK 40RXPX-250 2-1/2" 10PK
MFLX16011-66EA 24.74 USD
MFLX16011-66 MFLX00404-MO MFLX00162-NJ MFLX00364-YQ MFLX30548-04 MFLX30548-48 MFLX30548-26 MFLX30548-02 MFLX30548-68 MFLX00158-NC MFLX30548-46 MFLX30548-24 MFLX41001-77 MFLX30548-08 MFLX30548-06 MFLX30548-28 MFLX30548-40 MFLX30548-62 MFLX30548-84 MFLX30548-82 MFLX30548-60 MFLX30548-88 MFLX30548-00 MFLX30548-22 MFLX30548-44 MFLX30548-66 MFLX30548-64 MFLX30548-20 MFLX30548-86 MFLX30548-42 MFLX29590-82 MFLX30548-80 MFLX29590-81 MFLX29590-80 MFLX29590-83
Masterflex® Sanitary Gaskets, Polymers, Avantor®
Seals Gaskets and Sealing Rings
Ensure a tight seal.

  • Ideal for general-purpose and single-use applications, to connect tubing with rest of system
  • Single-use custom configuration solutions to minimize downtime
  • Always in stock—most materials and configurations available to ship same day

These gaskets are for Tri-Clamp® style fittings and come in a wide variety of materials to match your specific process needs. All gaskets meet USDA, 3-A and CGMP criteria. FDA Compliant. All silicone, EPDM, PTFE, and Viton® gaskets are animal-derived ingredient free and meet USP Class VI and cytotoxicity criteria. Contact Cole-Parmer for other sizes or materials.

Platinum-cured silicone is ideal for most pharmaceutical, food, and beverage processing applications. Odorless and tasteless to ensure media purity. May undergo SIP. Usable from –58 to 446 °F (–50 to 230 °C).

Viton offers excellent chemical resistance, especially to many acids and alkalis.
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