Masterflex® Direct-Read Variable-Area Flowmeters with Valve, Metric Units, Avantor®

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MFLX32460-32EA 123 USD
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Masterflex® Direct-Read Variable-Area Flowmeters with Valve, Metric Units, Avantor®
Flow Meters
Meter with valve provides flow control through a highly durable meter body.

  • Direct-reading flowmeters feature a calibrated scale for a specific medium - no need to convert readings to get flow rate
  • Use with air or water for laboratory and industrial applications

Machined from solid acrylic blocks, these meters have integral metering tubes that provide precise readings even in aggressive plant environments. The meters’ inlet/outlet ports and mounting studs are extended for easy panel installation. An alternate option is a tripod base (sold separately) which allows for mobility from bench to bench.

There are many additional types of acrylic flowmeters not listed here. Please contact your local Avantor office for quotes on acrylic meters with special requirements.
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