Large Animal Dissecting Kit

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
76457-540EA 68.84 USD
Large Animal Dissecting Kit
Dissection Sets
Wide variety of VWR student dissection kits that suit educational needs.

Classroom and research dissecting applications.

Certificaciones: ISO, GMP

Información de suministro: Includes canvas roll case with adjustable loops/2 pockets; 6-1/4" stainless steel Peans haemostat (straight); 5-1/2" stainless steel Kelly haemostat (curved); #3 surgical handle; #10 scalpel blades (6); #11 scalpel blades (6); 4-1/2" straight iris scissors; 5-1/2" sharp/blunt operating scissors; 4-1/2" straight forceps (fine serrated tips with guide pin; serrated grip); 4-1/2" straight forceps (medium serrated tips, serrated grip with guide pin; stainless steel mall-probe and seeker (hexagon 3¾" handle; 2½" seeker); 5-1/4" section lifter (4-3/4" wood handle; 1-1/2" length x 7/8" wide blade); straight teasing needle with 325" steel adjustable chuck holder; 2-1/2" double-prong flesh hooks; 6" hard plastic ruler.
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