VWR® Tall Storage Units with Glazed Door

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
CFS50841618-R S50C841348 S50C841330 S50C841618L S50C841336 S50C841648 S50C841624L S50C842224L CFS50842242-A CFS50841630-A S50C842218L S50C841318 CFS50841636-A S50C842224 S50C841624 S50C841342 S50C841324 CFS50842248-A S50C841642 CFS50842230-A CFS50842236-A S50C841324L S50C842218 S50C841318L
CFS50842248-AEA 6498.04 USD
CFS50842248-A CFS50841636-A CFS50841318-R CFS50842236-A CFS50841648-A CFS50842230-A CFS50841324-R CFS50842242-A CFS50841342-A CFS50841330-A CFS50841624-L CFS50842218-R CFS50842218-L CFS50841618-L CFS50842224-R CFS50841624-R CFS50842224-L CFS50841348-A CFS50841336-A CFS50841618-R CFS50841318-L CFS50841630-A CFS50841324-L CFS50841642-A
VWR® Tall Storage Units with Glazed Door
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Full height storage cabinets are 84" high and 16 or 22" deep. Lengths as shown. They are furnished with five adjustable shelves.

  • Full height
  • Glazed doors
  • Multiple depths

The fully-welded, heavy-gauge, steel cabinets are designed to SEFA 8 performance standards and built to rigorous benchmarks.

Certificaciones: Meets SEFA 8 performance standards.
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