BeadBlaster 96 Ball Mill and Microtube Homogenizer, Benchmark Scientific

Supplier: Benchmark Scientific
IPD9600-E IPD9600
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BeadBlaster 96 Ball Mill and Microtube Homogenizer, Benchmark Scientific
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The BeadBlaster 96 provides high throughput homogenization for saples in plates, tubes and jars.

  • Wet, dry or cryogrind
  • Applications in life science, environmental, pharma and other analytical laboratories
  • Ideal for QuEChERS methods
  • Sample prep for extraction, digestion, filtration and spectroscopy

The BeadBlaster 96 is an extremely versatile ball mill homogenizer that has applications in both research and analytical laboratories. Microplates and tubes up to 50 ml are accepted in adapters. Jars and balls in a variety of materials can also be used to grind samples.

Sample prep is the first step of many applications, whether they be research or analytical. Nearly any type of sample can be processed in the BeadBlaster 96. Biological samples can be homogenized in buffer using disposable containers from microplates to 50 ml tubes. QuEChERS tubes can be processed eight at a time. Environmental samples, plants, insects, forensic samples, minerals, ores and many others can be processed dry in jars with large grinding beads. Cryogrinding in jars expands the use of the BeadBlaster 96 to extra hard, fibrous, or sticky samples that are easier to break down when frozen.

The BeadBlaster 96 requires no special training or installation. Jars and adapters are easily loaded into the locking sample holders. Setting operating parameters is simple thanks to the touch screen command center. The control center for all operations is the unit’s large touch screen. Speed, run time, pause time and number of cycles are all set and controlled digitally. Nine programs can be stored and recalled from memory.
Inside the BeadBlaster 96’s housing is a powerful, brushless motor. This motor drives the arced shaking motion that quickly grinds and homogenizes samples at speeds up to 1800 rpm. The motor is quiet, maintenance free, and will provide a long service life.

The heavy-duty safety cover opens upward for easy access. The see through, wrap around design allows for visualization of the samples, while the thick acrylic helps to reduce noise levels. The BeadBlaster 96 will not operate without the cover properly in place. Percent of allowable load is shown on the display and a safety switch stops operation of the unit in the case of an overload.

Number or programs in memory: 9

Información para pedidos: Accessories, racks, tube holders and jars are sold separately.
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