NEB Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsmBI-v2), New England Biolabs

Supplier: New England Biolabs
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NEB Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsmBI-v2), New England Biolabs
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The NEB Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsmBI-v2) contains an optimized mix of BsmBI-v2 and T4 DNA Ligase. BsmBI-v2 has been engineered by NEB and outperforms BsmBI in Golden Gate Assemblies.

  • Uses BsmBI-v2, which is optimized for Golden Gate Assembly
  • Use for seamless cloning - no scar remains following assembly
  • Ideal for ordered assembly of multiple fragments (2-20+) in a single reaction
  • Can also be used for cloning of single inserts and library preparations

Together these enzymes can direct the assembly of multiple inserts/modules and also single insert/library generation cloning with single insert(s) using the Golden Gate approach. The pGGAselect destination plasmid provides a backbone for your assembly. It has flanking recognition sites in the correct orientation for BsmBI-directed assemblies, and also BsaI- and BbsI-directed assemblies, enabling the destination plasmid to conveniently be used with the most commonly used Type IIS restriction enzymes used for Golden Gate Assembly. Please note that while general descriptions regarding Golden Gate Assembly use the BsmBI nomenclature, this kit and protocols feature the specific engineered form optimized for Golden Gate Assembly, BsmBI-v2.
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