LabRobot Dilugent Shakers for Serial Dilution, Hardy Diagnostics

Supplier: Hardy Diagnostics
76468-912EA 3021.86 USD
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LabRobot Dilugent Shakers for Serial Dilution, Hardy Diagnostics
Shakers and Mixers Orbital Shakers
The Dilugent Shaker uses orbital rotation to ensure each dilution is thoroughly vortexed. It is activated by either a hands-free optical sensor or the optional foot pedal. The 42 LED indicators light each cup, letting users easily see what dilution well they are working in.

  • 7" touch screen
  • Two optical sensors, one at each side which allow use without physical contact
  • Create and store testing templates, assuring standardization of method
  • Programming with intuitive software
  • Removeable magnetic tray for 42 cups
  • Able to record sample ID and user ID (Dilugent and Dilugent Pro only)
  • Bar code reading (Dilugent and Dilugent Pro only)
  • Export data to USB (Dilugent and Dilugent Pro only)
  • Full connectivity to LIMS (Dilugent Pro only)

Dilugent Shaker is designed to produce a more efficient and repeatable workflow when making dilutions, in addition to saving up to 50% of the time spent in comparision with traditional methods. For all models it is possible to select the working direction (from left or right) and a visual service required information is shown. The Dilugent Shaker Light stores 2 templates, the Dilugent and Dilugent Pro store up to 10.

Dilugent Pro offers offers advance programming, customizable LED colours as well as customizable interface colours.The Dilugent Pro allows full traceability of operations via an export to connected unit and step ahead without shaking for doing replicates.

Dilugent Shaker is used in combination with Dilucup.

Información accesorios: Optional accessory items for the Dilugent Shaker series include the barcode scanner and transport suitcase. The transport suitcase is a durable, shippable container with custom designed foam inserts to protect the instruments during any type of transport. The suitcase features two wheels and a trolley handle.

Información para pedidos: Supplied with power supply.
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