Avantor® ACE® UltraCore C18-AmideAnalytical HPLC/UHPLC Columns

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Avantor® ACE® UltraCore
CORE-35E-1021 CORE-35E-1046 CORE-35E-1530 CORE-35E-530 CORE-35E-30GD CORE-35E-546 CORE-35E-46GD CORE-35E-1546 CORE-35E-21GD CORE-35E-521 CORE-35E-1030 CORE-35E-1521
76458-050EA 943.02 USD
76458-050 76458-062 76458-040 76458-060 76458-054 76458-044 76458-052 76458-042 76458-058 76458-048 76458-056 76458-046
Avantor® ACE® UltraCore C18-AmideAnalytical HPLC/UHPLC Columns
Chromatography Columns
Avantor® ACE® UltraCore C18-Amide are high performing solid-core (core shell) particle columns designed for a range of reversed-phase chromatographic applications. Additional mechanisms of interaction such as H-bonding give an alternative selectivity for moderately polar analytes.

  • High purity, base deactivated silica with excellent reproducibility
  • Can retain more polar compounds in 100% aqueous mobile phase
  • Alternative selectivity to alkyl phases

These stainless steel columns are available in a variety of dimensions and are highly compatible with LC-MS and high sensitivity applications.
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