Avantor® ACE® C4 UltraCore BIO, Analytical HPLC/UHPLC Columns

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Avantor® ACE® UltraCore
BIO-251-1046 BIO-351-546G BIO-351-1030 BIO-351-1046 BIO-251-0530 BIO-251-546G BIO-351-521G BIO-351-1546 BIO-251-521G BIO-351-0546 BIO-251-1530 BIO-351-0530 BIO-251-1521 BIO-251-1546 BIO-251-530G BIO-351-1021 BIO-351-1530 BIO-351-1521 BIO-251-1021 BIO-251-0521 BIO-251-1030 BIO-351-530G BIO-251-0546 BIO-351-0521
76457-956EA 966.52 USD
76457-956 76457-968 76457-902 76457-848 76457-914 76457-926 76457-974 76457-920 76457-986 76457-854 76457-866 76457-932 76457-878 76457-944 76457-938 76457-908 76457-860 76457-872 76457-950 76457-884 76457-896 76457-962 76457-890 76457-980
Avantor® ACE® C4 UltraCore BIO, Analytical HPLC/UHPLC Columns
Chromatography Columns
Avantor® ACE® UltraCore BIO C4 are high performing solid-core (core-shell) particle columns, designed for a range of biomolecule applications. With both 300 and 500 Å pore sizes available, optimum pore size can be chosen. This phase is well suited to the analysis of hydrophobic proteins over 5 kDa molecular weight.

  • Wide pore, solid-core combination for excellent peak shape and resolution of large molecules
  • High purity, base deactivated silica with excellent reproducibility
  • Butyl ligand well established in RP protein applications

These stainless steel columns are available in a variety of dimensions and are highly compatible with LC-MS and high sensitivity applications.
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