(S)-1,2,4-Butanetriol Glyceride Impurity Standards

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BDH0714-5MLEA 258.32 USD
(S)-1,2,4-Butanetriol Glyceride Impurity Standards
Standards Petroleum Industry Standards
Biodiesel Standards Designed for ASTM D6584 & EN14105

Biodiesel is fast becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum sources. This fuel source is obtained by esterification of oils derived from plants or animals.

The standards are manufactured from the highest purity starting materials and the highest grade of solvents available to guarantee superior quality. These standards are manufactured in a specially designed laboratory built to eliminate contamination issues that may arise during the manufacturing process. The standards then go through a rigorous QC process where a senior chemist approves each lot. This guarantees the standards are accurate and stable at the stated concentrations for all of the components. In addition, all standards are supplied with a detailed, comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.
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