CrossLab ADM Flow Meter, Agilent Technologies

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
5190-9576 5190-9576 5190-9580 5190-9578 5190-9576 5190-9577 G6692A G6692A 5190-9580 5190-9578 5190-9580 G6692A 5190-9578 5190-9579
AG5190-9578EA 66.39 USD
CAG6692A AG5190-9578 AGG6692A CAAG5190-9578 103584-596 103584-594 103584-598 CA5190-9576 103584-592 CA5190-9580 103584-590 AG5190-9576 AG5190-9580 103576-306
CrossLab ADM Flow Meter, Agilent Technologies
Flow Meters
Battery-powered and portable flow meter for measuring gas streams with changing composition.

  • Valuable tool for troubleshooting detector problems
  • Recalibrate annually by replacing cartridge with a NIST-certified calibration cartridge
  • Measures gas flow volumetrically, eliminating the need to select a gas type
  • USB connects to web interface for updates and monitoring
  • Easy to view OLED screen
  • New composite materials construction

This digital flow meter is easy to maintain by simply replacing the cartridge once a year to keep the gas flow meter compliant. There is no need to ship your meter back for recalibration, simply order and replace the cartridge yourself.

Información de suministro: Each flow meter comes with a calibrated cartridge.
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