VWR® Contour™ Flammable Liquid Base Units

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
CFG-2684-L2 CFG-2636-A2 G63C3520480300 CFG-2638-A2 G63C3520360300 CFG-2684-A2
CFG-2684-L2EA 3489.1 USD
CFG-2684-L2 CFG-2638-V CFG-2636-V CFG-2638-A2 CFG-2636-A2 CFG-2684-A2
VWR® Contour™ Flammable Liquid Base Units
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Flammable storage cabinets are specifically designed for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids.

  • Flammable liquid unit
  • One or two doors
  • Solvent storage

Both steel and wood cabinets meet UFC, OSHA and NFPA No. 30-1993 construction standards and are UL listed. A 2" deep, steel, liquid-tight pan covers the entire bottom to contain liquid leaks and spills. A second pan is provided as a full-depth adjustable shelf. Two diametrically opposed vents with spark screens are provided in the back for cases when ventilation is required. The steel cabinet is all 18 gauge steel, double panel construction with self-closing doors, synchronized so that both doors will always fully close. The right hand door is equipped with a three-point latching system that automatically engages the cabinet frame. Each door is equipped with a fusible-link hold-open feature that ensures the doors close should the temperature outside the cabinet exceed 165 °F. Steel cabinets are provided with a grounding screw at the rear. All solvent storage cabinets are labeled: CAUTION FLAMMABLE – KEEP FIRE AWAY in English, Spanish, and French.
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