qTOWER®3Product Family, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena
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qTOWER®3Product Family, Analytik Jena
Thermal Cyclers
The top performer among real-time PCR thermal cyclers.

  • Powerful – ideal real-time PCR signals
  • Unrivaled – fast and precise results
  • Flexible – open platform for plasticware and reagents
  • Practical – easier and universal operating concept
  • Versatile – 96 or 384 well formats

The qTOWER³ product family is a real-time PCR system in both 96 as well as 384 formats. It is an open platform qPCR system, both with regard to plasticware as well as kits/mastermixes. Sample volumes range from 10 to 80 µl, with successful testing of volumes down to 5 µl. Touch models are available with an optional built-in 10" touch screen for system control and sample analysis (system is operable via built-in touch screen or external computer). Heating and cooling rates are up to 8.0 and 6.0 °C/sec, respectively.

An RGBW LED light source illuminates all samples equally for all common dyes/probes, now with enhanced capabilities for fluorescence into the dark red. Up to 6 different color modules can be installed for simultaneous multiplex assays. The system’s heated lid is adjustable between 30 to 110 °C, with 30 kg of contact pressure placed evenly across all 96 wells. Finally, their PC-based qPCRsoft software to conduct qPCR and perform analysis (absolute quantification, relative quantification, delta-delta Ct, genotyping, endpoint analysis, protein determination, and melting curve) is included with all qTOWER³ systems, with unlimited copies installable at no additional charge.

The fiber-optic scanning head with eight individual light fibers eliminates the need for a passive reference and can scan an entire plate in only 6 seconds. In addition, the system requires absolutely no periodic calibration or maintenance for the life of the system.
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