VWR® Calibration Weights

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
VWR-F2-500G/C VWR-F1-100G/C VWR-E2-50G/C VWR-E2-200G VWR-F2-1KG VWR-F2-20KG VWR-F2-2KG VWR-F2-20KG/C VWR-F2-5KG/C VWR-E2-200G/C VWR-F2-1KG/C VWR-F1-200G VWR-F2-10KG VWR-F1-500G VWR-F1-5KG VWR-E2-50G VWR-E2-100G/C VWR-F1-1KG/C VWR-F2-10KG/C VWR-F1-500G/C VWR-F1-5KG/C VWR-F2-500G VWR-F1-1KG VWR-F2-2KG/C VWR-F1-2KG VWR-F1-2KG/C VWR-F1-200G/C VWR-E2-100G VWR-F1-100G VWR-F2-5KG
76446-832EA 302.82 USD
76446-832 76446-854 76446-834 76446-856 76446-836 76446-838 76404-680 76404-684 76404-682 76404-678 76404-676 76446-840 76446-842 76446-844 76446-846 76446-848 76446-828 76404-670 76404-692 76404-690 76404-674 76404-694 76404-672 76404-688 76404-666 76404-686 76404-668 76446-850 76446-852 76446-830
VWR® Calibration Weights
Weights Calibration Weights
VWR® Calibration Weights are crafted from high grade stainless steel and feature a plastic storage case.

  • Option to be supplied with a Statement of Accuracy or an ISO 17025:2017 Certificate of Calibration
  • Cylindrical with knob
  • OIML Class E2, F1, or F2 options available
  • High polish finish
  • Low magnetic permeability

The ISO 17025:2017 Certificate of Calibration provides full traceability of the calibration weight. This certificate provides the date of manufacture, serial number, nominal mass, conventional mass, and uncertainty of measurement.

The Statement of Accuracy provides the date of manufacture, serial number, nominal value of the weight, and accuracy class. Note: the Statement of Accuracy does not provide traceability.

Calibration weights of class E2 and F1 are of solid construction. Calibration weights of Class F2 feature an adjustment cavity.

Certificaciones: Conforms to OIML-R111 standards. Includes Statement of Accuracy or ISO 17025:2017 Certificate of Calibration.

Información de suministro: Includes plastic storage case.
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