ali-Q™ 2 Pipet Controllers, VistaLab Technologies

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ali-Q™ 2 Pipet Controllers, VistaLab Technologies
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Faster and easier aliquoting. No need to watch the lines. Repeat pipetting using serological pipettes plus conventional pipetting in one innovative, unique pipettor. The patented technology allows user to multi-dispense with higher accuracy and reproducibility than by eye, without having to watch the graduations for exact measurements. And also use ali-Q™ 2 to aspirate/dispense like any pipet controller.

To repeat pipette/multi-dispense/aliquot, simply set the volume for each aliquot with the dial and then press and hold the aliquoting button for each aliquot. Eliminate time-consuming and inconsistent meniscus eyeballing. No need to watch the lines on the serological pipet. Let this state of the art, intelligent measuring system do all the work to save time and effort with accuracy and precision. Aliquot any volume from 0.5 to 5 ml (0.3 to 3 ml for Low aliquoting speed (LS) model). Accuracy and precision maintained at any dispense angle for more comfortable body positions, especially beneficial under a hood.

Standard ali-Q™ features:
• Sensitive touch-control aspirate and dispense buttons for conventional pipetting
• Purple aliquot button
• Aliquot volume dial
• 0.22 µm nozzle filter
• Rechargeable lithium ion battery
• One-year warranty

2nd generation ali-Q™ 2 series new features:
• Variable speed control for aliquoting function (on VS model only)
• Removable kickstand
• On-board calibration software
• 2 multi-function LED indicators
• Alert beeper/tones
• Lighter weight (all 3 models)

Aliquoting speed/force:
• ali-Q™ 2 - High (fixed speed; equal to speed 7 on VS model)
• ali-Q™ 2 LS – Low (fixed speed; equal to speed 4 on VS model)
• ali-Q™ 2 VS – Custom adjustable (7 speeds; 1 is slowest, 7 is fastest)

Choose the ali-Q™ 2 LS (Low aliquoting speed) model when a gentler aliquoting speed is required. The ali-Q™ 2 LS aliquoting speed is about 50% of ali-Q™ 2. Therefore, the ali-Q™ LS is more suitable for cell culture handling of sensitive and loosely adherent cells or multi-dispensing into smaller capacity vessels. The ali-Q™ 2 VS (Variable aliquoting speed) is available, giving the user the most control of speed and thus force of each multi-dispense for all your aliquoting/multi-dispensing needs. Select from a range of slow speed/low force at 1, to high speed/high force at 7. ali-Q 2 aliquot speed is equivalent to 7 and ali-Q 2 LS is equivalent to 3.

Información de suministro: The ali-Q™ 2 uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which is included. Also included are 0.22 µm membrane filters (1 installed, 1 spare), power supply with cable for USB C connection, wall mount, calibration certificate, and 1 each of Wobble-not™ standard length 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml and Shorty 10 ml, and 25 ml serological pipets.
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