Wright-Giemsa stain, blue, VWR® Quick I™ single step for hematology

Supplier: VWR International

Synonyms: Wright-Giemsa Solution

5231B-32 5231B-16
10143-116CS 5921.96 USD
10143-116 10143-106
Wright-Giemsa stain, blue, VWR® Quick I™ single step for hematology
Wright-Giemsa stain (solutions & kits)

VWR® brand hematology stain offerings satify the needs of laboratory professionals following manual, rapid stain or automated protocols.

  • Stain offerings for multiple protocols
  • Individual stains, reagents and packs have been used in the automated market on the Hematek®, Midas®, Sysmex® and Sakura® instruments

Single-step stains are offered in Wright's and Wright Giemsa formulations and use deionized water to complete the staining process. Three step stain offering yields results comparable to Wright Giemsa stain with results available as soon as 15 seconds.

Certificaciones: Hematology stain products are manufactured using dyes certified by the Biological Stain Commission. All products undergo Quality Control evaluation using fresh blood.

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Specification Test Results

pH 6.8 to 7.0@25°C
Visible Scan-(700- 400nm) MA @525 nm 190-240
Visible Scan-(700- 400nm) MA @650 nm 390-475
Performance Differential Blood Smear Morphology

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