VWR® Sharps Containers with Rotating Lid

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® Sharps Containers with Rotating Lid
Bins Sharps Containers
Containers provide for the safe disposal of sharps and biohazard waste. The rotating lid design is perfect for busy professional settings such as laboratories, hospitals, dental, and physician offices requiring one-handed access to open sharps containers.

  • Rotate to close lid is intuitive to use, allowing one-handed operation
  • Designed for use in high activity environments
  • Rotating lids have both a temporary and permanent close position
  • Needle un-winding hole included
  • Translucent colors with lead-free pigments containing no heavy metals
  • Constructed of puncture and impact resistant material
  • Safe to autoclave or incinerate
  • Stackable design

Choose from one of seven sharps containers with rotating lid designs. Lightweight and transportable, they are ideal for any professional that needs an easy yet safe way to dispose of biohazardous waste. Quick access rotating door on the lid lets users drop in waste and move the lid to a 'temporary close' position for storage between use.

Certificaciones: Reviewed and approved directly by the FDA. Meets or exceeds FDA standards including OSHA and EPA requirements for local biohazard waste collection. FDA approved.
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