easyMAG® Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System, Biomerieux

Supplier: Biomerieux
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easyMAG® Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System, Biomerieux
Automated Nucleic Acid Purification Systems
easyMAG® is a fully automated extraction platform for total nucleic acid purification from primary sample tubes.

  • One single standardized workflow for all samples
  • One set of reagents only for all specimen types
  • One generic extraction for DNA/RNA nucleic acid

EMAG® benefits includes primary sample tube management, internal control and silica automated addition, specific reagents management, eluate transfer into output tubes. The easyMAG® platform stands out for its versatility and flexibility, that is parallel processing of various sample types, Flexible input/elution volumes within a run, and 2 independent sections of 24 reactions to manage the expected and the non expected.

The easyMAG® system offers ease-of use and optimal workflow for enhanced productivity includes one single standardized workflow for all samples, automated ID recognition during loading, minimized plastics: one disposable and one tip format only, single set of reagents for all sample types and intuitive, icon-based touch screen software. This system combines full automation with proven easyMAG® quality and robustness, that is Trusted around the world, easyMAG® chemistry is recognized for its total nucleic acid extraction quality for over one decade and Known reliability of the system thanks to simplified mechanisms.

Size: 1 - 48 reactions
Time: ~90 min for 48 Samples
Sample Volume: 10 - 1000 µl
Elution Volume: 25 - 200 µl (5 µl Increment)
W×H×D: 142×111×80 cm
Weight: 265 kg (584.2 lbs.)

Información de suministro: Reagents includes NUCLISENS® easyMAG® wash buffer 1, NUCLISENS® easyMAG® wash buffer 2, NUCLISENS® easyMAG® wash buffer 3, NUCLISENS® easyMAG® silica, NUCLISENS® easyMAG® lysis buffer and NUCLISENS® easyMAG® disposables.
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