ADAMS™ A1C HA-8180V Analyzer, U.S. ARKRAY

Supplier: Arkray
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ADAMS™ A1C HA-8180V Analyzer, U.S. ARKRAY
Clinical Chemistry Analyzers
Improve patient care with the ADAMS™ A1C HA-8180V. The easy-to-use, automated hemoglobin A1c analyzer with diagnosis claims employs gold standard HPLC technology. The analyzer builds on proven technology to generate quality results, improve outcomes and provide superior precision to accurately report HbA1c.

  • ADAMS A1c brand has been used globally for decades
  • ARKRAY introduced the first fully automated HPLC HbA1c analyzer in 1981
  • Eighth generation of ADAMS technology
  • Processing time: 90 seconds/tube

While new to the U.S. market, the ADAMS A1C brand has been used globally for decades. ARKRAY introduced the first fully automated HPLC hemoglobin analyzer in 1981 and has built upon the technology to meet the needs of today’s user.

The fully automated HbA1c system utilizes gold standard HPLC technology. Percent hemoglobin A1c results are displayed in the presence of hemoglobin C, D, E, F, and S to generate accurate and precise results. No variant interference, paired with the lowest HbA1c precision claims on the market (CVs ≤1%), provides clinicians confidence in results at critical decision-making points to accurately diagnose and treat diabetes.

The HbA1c HPLC system is simple to operate and generates results in 90 seconds. Intelligent result review makes reporting results easy. No review criteria eliminates routine chromatogram review, saving time consuming hands-on steps. Result messages indicate if further action is required, streamlining laboratory auto verification.

Certificaciones: NGSP certified.
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