Biometra Thermal Cyclers, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena
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Biometra Thermal Cyclers, Analytik Jena
Thermal Cyclers
The Biometra Thermal Cycler product family offers PCR devices ranging from standard to premium equipment – all designed in line with the common principles of being reliable, easy to use, and precise.

  • One block, two block, or 3 block systems available
  • Integrated 7" touchscreen control
  • Whisper quiet, with a low noise emission of 45 dB (max.)
  • High performance smart lid; Defined pressure control for highly reproducible results
  • Linear gradient tool allows easy gradient programming using the primer annealing temperature
  • Heated/Pressurized lid
  • Advanced user management allows individual rights settings for each user
  • Units include a two-year warranty

High-Speed Thermal Blocks: Biometra Thermal Cyclers are available in three different models, each with unique block formats. The Biometra TOne is a full-featured, budget friendly thermal cycler perfect for standard PCR work. The Biometra TAdvanced features twelve different block modules all with Quick Block Exchange allowing one thermal cycler to switch between various well combinations. These modules range from 60 well blocks to 384 well blocks as well as twin modules. For ultimate performance a 96 well block module made of silver (gold coated to prevent corrosion) is available. Twin modules feature two independently operating sample blocks. The Biometra TRIO provides three independent sample blocks which can run three different PCR reactions in parallel for maximum flexibility.

High-Performance Smart Lid (HPSL): The heated lid of the Biometra Thermal Cyclers are equipped with HPSL technology. An integrated slip clutch always maintains constant contact pressure, regardless of the shape and height of the plasticware. This optimizes the contact between the sample block well and the walls of the plasticware, resulting in reproducible conditions. As soon as the heated lid is closed, a rubber seal on the lid encapsulates the space surrounding the sample block. This closed space increases the sample block temperature uniformity and prevents condensation formation during the final PCR cooling step.
Biometra Thermal Cyclers come with a one-touch opening mechanism – just press the locking mechanism, and the heated lid swings open. A spring mechanism holds the lid in the open position, preventing it from dropping down. The locking mechanism automatically engages when the operator closes the lid.

Linear Gradient Tool (LGT) for maximum convenience:
Determining the optimum annealing temperature is a challenge when creating a new primer pair. Using the gradient tool allows the operator to find the optimum annealing temperature under experimental conditions and apply that temperature value to routine applications. Programming gradients usually means setting temperature for the first and the last row to determine the gradient range. For most thermal cyclers, the temperature interval is not the same from one row of the sample block to the next. In addition, the sigmoidal temperature curve of the gradient brings two disadvantages:
1. The automatically resulting temperatures for the other rows of the sample blocks, in particular in its center, are almost always odd-numbered.
2. The temperature differences between the rows are unevenly distributed, increasing towards the center of the sample block.
The Linear Gradient Tool enables programming of a temperature gradient with defined temperature intervals (increment) between the individual rows of the sample block. It allows the user to enter the calculated Tm value (minus e.g. 5 °C) and the desired temperature increment (e.g. ±1 °C) between the rows of the sample block. For maximum comfort, the Linear Gradient Tool now supports programming of even-numbered temperature values for a maximum number of rows.

State of the Art Touchscreen (Display): Biometra Thermal Cyclers feature a 7" state of the art color touchscreen user interface. The touchscreen is built-in at a flat angle to ensure reflection-free viewing and ergonomics. The software included makes for easy programming of PCR protocols through the use of Biometra’s proven spreadsheet philosophy and additionally a graphical programming mode. With one touch you can switch from spreadsheets to graphical programming making editing or creation of programs fast and easy.

Software: The Biometra Thermal Cyclers software offers a number of pre installed program templates for different applications. The program templates provide a general protocol structure and can be easily adapted for the current experiment. Editing a template or set-up of new protocols is quite simple due to the multi-step programming feature, which allows users to enter all of the parameters for every program step within a single screen. Thus, the multi-step programming renders constantly switching back and forth between different screens unnecessary and enables easy changes from step to step.
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