pDual Expression System, Agilent Technologies

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
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pDual Expression System, Agilent Technologies
Vectors, Plasmids, Libraries and Inserts
The pDual expression vector offers high-level expression of heterologous genes in both mammalian and prokaryotic systems.

  • With tandemly arranged bacterial Shine-Dalgarno and mammalian Kozak consensus sequence
  • Eliminates the need to subclone
  • Bacterial expression is T7-based
  • Express protein as a native or tagged fusion protein

The vector also features a calmodulin-binding peptide (CBP) tag which can be used for affinity purification and identification by western blot.

The pDual GC Vector offers a C-terminal tag with three copies of the human c-Myc epitope tag (one copy is EQKLISEEDL) and a single copy of the 6xHis purification tag. The c-Myc epitope and 6xHis purification tags, expressed on the C-terminus of the protein, can be used for easy detection and purification of the fusion protein from mammalian and bacterial cell lysates.

Use of the c-Myc epitope and the 6xHis purification tags allows every target gene to be detected and purified using the exact same protocol and reagents, saves time and money.

Precaución: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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