PIPETMAN® F Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipettor, Gilson®

Supplier: Gilson
F123770 F123607 F123606 F123789 F123604 F123605 F123775 F123790 F123771 F123784 F123788 F123787 F123778 F123772
76178-528EA 366.99 USD
76178-528 76178-516 76178-518 76178-520 76178-530 76178-434 76178-522 76178-532 76178-510 76178-436 76178-524 76178-512 76178-526 76178-514
PIPETMAN® F Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipettor, Gilson®
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Fixed volume air-displacement pipettor PIPETMAN® F.

  • Long product life and high resistance to aggressive chemicals thanks to stainless steel and PVDF components
  • Ultimate security and consistent results with fixed volume setting
  • GLP compliance: No risk of volume selection error
  • For clinical diagnostics, quality control, and any routine testing

PIPETMAN® F is a fixed-volume, air-displacement pipettor that eliminates the risk of volume selection errors. Thirteen robust models cover a large volume range, from 2 to 1000 µl, all with Gilson's legendary accuracy and precision.

Certificaciones: Gilson maximum permissible errors are guaranteed only when PIPETMAN® pipettors are used with the recommended PIPETMAN® Diamond Tips.
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