MICROMAN® E Single Channel Pipettor, Gilson®

Supplier: Gilson
Microman® E
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MICROMAN® E Single Channel Pipettor, Gilson®
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Fully adjustable positive-displacement pipettor MICROMAN® E.

  • Ergonomic pipettor for problem liquids
  • Enhanced body offers the highest precision and comfort for viscous and volatile samples

The MICROMAN® E is a positive-displacement pipettor that improves accuracy and reliability with problem liquids. It works like a syringe; there is no air cushion between the sample and disposable piston, which is actually located inside the tip or 'capillary'. This allows users to count on reproducible, accurate, and precise results every time, even with the most viscous and volatile liquids. Great for oils, cosmetics, blood, glycerol, radioactive samples, RNA, DNA, and more.

Certificaciones: Gilson's standards are even more stringent than those required by governing bodies. The Gilson pipettor manufacturing plant has its own accredited calibration laboratory to control the accuracy and precision of each and every pipettor manufactured. Gilson pipettors are individually calibrated and delivered with a certificate of conformity. Each pipettor bears an engraved identification number for traceability.
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