VWR® Routine LED Zoom Stereo Series

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VWR® Routine LED Zoom Stereo Series
VWR’s Routine LED Zoom Stereo Binocular microscope is ideal for educational environments and routine industrial applications. It’s Greenough optical system gives it a high degree of longevity, making it perfect for consistent, repetitive use, and its compact design means it will fit nicely in a classroom setting.

  • Greenough optical zoom system provides a simple, robust construction to provide consistently high performance through sustained, heavy use
  • Achieves parfocality through the complete magnification range, without need to re-adjust focus position while zooming
  • A click-stop magnification adjustment mechanism ensures precise reproduction of magnification settings
  • Compact design enables efficient use of limited space
  • A large working distance of 110 mm provides ample space for sample manipulation
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance and rubber eyecups provide comfort for long periods of use
  • Auxiliary objectives and eyepieces are available separately, to increase working distance or magnification range
  • It offers zoom ratio of 6:1

This microscope holds a tremendous amount of features, which include a zoom range of 6:1, extended working distance, multi-layered lens coatings for reduced internal reflections, and both incident and transmitted LED light sources

VWR’s Routine LED Zoom Stereo Binocular microscope provides a terrific, lasting value for users with even the most demanding applications. VWR’s Routine LED Zoom Stereo Microscope is a perfect choice for teaching and industrial uses. Its sturdy construction and Greenough Optical System make it appropriate for demanding, routine applications, while its quality components and design provide a clear, consistent image and ergonomic comfort.

Quality optics are included in VWR’s Routine LED Zoom Stereo Microscope. Standard Widefield WF10×/20 mm eyepieces make use of a high eyepoint design, allowing those who use glasses to see the complete image presented by the microscope. A 6:1 Zoom ratio is achieved with a standard magnification range of 0.75× to 4.5×, while a multi-layered lens coating is used to reduce internal reflections, providing the best possible image to the user. This microscope delivers consistent, distortion free 3D images.

The comfort and usability of VWR’s Routine LED Zoom Stereo Microscope cannot be understated. An adjustable interpupillary distance enables the user to set the eyepieces to a just the right position, while the rubber eyecups provide lasting comfort and reduction of eye strain for long periods of use. Magnification is adjusted with a click-stop mechanism, yielding reproducible images, and its large working distance provides a large amount of space for sample manipulation.

Whether you need a stereomicroscope to aid in educating high school and university students, or you need to perform routine industrial quality control, VWR’s Routine LED Zoom Stereo Microscopes present an incredible value.
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