VWR® Professional Plus Series Microscopes

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® Professional Plus Series Microscopes
Built to handle daily routine use by universities, clinics, and labs, these upright compound microscopes utilize high quality components and a sturdy construction. From the high-end optics included in the eyepieces and objectives to the robust stage and base, these microscopes are built to last through consistent use of demanding medical, and life-science research applications.

  • 3W LED illumination
  • Vivid and detailed images with optimal image contrast are achieved via included plan achromat objectives with multi-layer lens coatings
  • A hard coated and chemical resistant stage ensures long term durability, while its 76 x 50 mm travel range provides great flexibility
  • Eyepiece tubes have been optimized for ergonomic perfection
  • With a viewing angle of 30° and an interpupillary distance of 55 – 75 mm, users can enjoy hours of fatigue free microscope use
  • A full Koehler feature enables the condenser to be set at any height
  • Student proofing features include lockable eyepieces to prevent unwanted removal

The VWR® Professional Plus Series is purpose-built to perform consistently through the course of daily routine use

Its durable construction and quality materials prepare it for a long lifetime, taking on the demanding applications of universities, clinics, and labs. From the eyepieces to the objectives, the VWR® Professional Plus Series contains high-end optical components to deliver the supreme optical performance required by professional microscope users. EC Plan Achromat objectives, together with a calculated tube lens, yield fully corrected, perfected intermediate images without colored fringes. These objectives are also multi-layer coated for improved contrast, enhancing even the weakest slide stainings to their maximum level of detail.

The ergonomic construction of the VWR® Professional Plus Series means users can enjoy hours of viewing, free of fatigue and eye-strain. With a 30° viewing angle and an interpupillary distance of 55 – 75 mm, along with a large field of view, slide after slide can be viewed with speed and comfort.

The stage offers a 76 x 50 mm range and a stage area of 175 x 40 mm, giving the user a high degree of freedom of movement, while the slide holder is designed to provide movement consistency. The stage includes a hard coated and chemically resistant surface, keeping it safe from contamination and abrasion during routine use.

With all this and more, the VWR® Professional Plus Series is a durable, high quality upright compound microscope, fully capable of living up to the ongoing demands of professionals with applications in life-science, universities and clinics.
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