Motic BA410E Premium Phase Lab Package

Supplier: Motic
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Motic BA410E Premium Phase Lab Package
Motic's BA410 Elite Phase Package is a complete, premium phase microscopy bundle. This bundle is composed of the highest quality Motic components as well as a wide range of accessories and upgrades making it the perfect choice for any professional life-science research microscopist with a need for phase contrast microscopy.

  • Improved interpupillary distance and moveable eyepieces result in maximum comfort for any user
  • Rackless stage can hold two slides at once for quick comparison
  • Absence of gear rack on the stage allows for quick throughput of slides
  • High-end CCIS Achromatic optics minimize chromatic and spherical aberrations
  • A variety of optional upgrades and accessories is available
  • A phase turret condenser offers maximum flexibility with all necessary illumination rings

The BA410 Elite Phase Package is Motic's premium, professional option for phase contrast microscopy.

The BA410 Elite's CCIS Plan Achromat Objectives are designed for maximum image fidelity. The expanded resolution power in terms of numerical aperture, along with impeccable color reproduction, yield the most accurate sample representation.

Attention has also been paid to ergonomics and comfort. With adjustable eyepieces and rubber eyecups, this microscope can be used for extended periods of time without strain on the eyes or neck.

With a trinocular head, this microscope comes ready for photomicrography. Each part of the BA410 Elite has been designed with the understanding of the importance of reproducible documentation. Just add a camera and appropriate c-mount adapter, and you will have a system ready to deliver the highest quality digital images.

Información para pedidos: Other phase accessories include a phase centering telescope. Microscope is customizable with various accessories. For all available options, please contact your local Avantor sales representative.
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