Dollies, Eagle Stainless

Supplier: Eagle MHC
KM-47 CPC KM-47 KM-565 CPC KM-43 SSC KM-565 SSC KM-30 KM-36 SSC KM-30 CPC KM-47 SSC KM-36 KM-36 CPC KM-565 KM-43 CPC KM-30 SSC KM-43
13308-218EA 282.01 USD
13308-218 13308-108 13308-148 13308-104 13308-224 13308-106 13308-226 13308-094 13308-100 13308-220 13308-146 13308-102 13308-222 13308-096 13308-098
Dollies, Eagle Stainless
Eagle dollies are sized to fit the CTL, CTH, ST, and KTT Series containers

  • Type 304 stainless steel construction
  • Available with chrome-plated or stainless steel casters
  • Non-marking nylon wheels

Four swivel casters, two with brakes, for models KM-30 through KM-47. Five swivel casters, two with brakes, for model KM-635.
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