Rotors JS-4.750, JS-4.750µ and JA-10.100 for Avanti™ J-15 Series Benchtop Centrifuges, Beckman Coulter

Supplier: Beckman Coulter
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Rotors JS-4.750, JS-4.750µ and JA-10.100 for Avanti™ J-15 Series Benchtop Centrifuges, Beckman Coulter
Centrifuges Rotors
The Avanti™ J-15 series offers three rotors, the JS-4.750, JS-4.750µ and the JA-10.100.

  • Optional BioCertified Aerosolve canisters
  • Wide list of modular disk adapters
  • RCF needed for various applications

The Avanti™ J-15 Series of benchtop centrifuges offers three rotors: JS-4.750, JS-4.750µ and JS-10.100.

The JS-4.750 is a four-place swinging-bucket rotor. The rotor buckets carry adapters that allow centrifugation of a wide range of tube and bottle sizes (from 1.5 mL reaction vials to 750 mL bottles), single- to quad-pack blood bags, and multi-well plates in carriers. The rotor develops centrifugal forces that are suitable for rapidly sedimenting protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris.

The rotor yoke is made of stainless steel. Black anodized aluminum buckets and carriers can be run by placing them over pivot pins on the arms of the yoke; they swing out to horizontal position during centrifugation.

Transparent covers made of a high impact plastic are available for the rotor buckets. Covers have been tested to demonstrate containment of microbiological aerosols under normal conditions when used and maintained as instructed. Each cover requires an O-ring that seats on a ledge inside the bucket.

Multi-well plates are used for many applications, including culturing small populations of cells, immunoassays, and serial dilution of small liquid volumes. Carriages used in the carriers can each hold up to four stacked multi-well plates (not to exceed 55.9 mm (2.2 in.) in depth) or one deep-well or square well plate. Each carrier can also carry a multi-well kit for high-throughput processing (such as DNA or RNA kit).
Rotor JS-4.750 comes with four buckets and rotor JS-4.750µ comes with four microplate carriers. Since both rotor share the same yoke, buckets and/or microplates can be used on either rotor. BioCertified aerosolve canisters can be used in the buckets.
The JA-10.100 is a BioCertified fixed-angle rotor designed to centrifuge up to six 100 mL tubes at a 25° angle to the axis of rotation. The dual- locking lid allows the rotor to be removed from the centrifuge with the lid on. Applications for this rotor include density gradient separations of erythrocytes, cell lysate fractions, granules, as well as differential separation of DNA, proteins, and viruses.
Up to 600 mL of sample volume can be centrifuged per run. Optional adapters allow spinning 1.5 microcentrifuge tubes, 10 mL round, 15 mL round and conical and 50 mL round and conical tubes.
Most FX6100 tube adapters are compatible with the JA-10.100 fixed angle rotor. Most SX4750 and SX4750A tube adapters are compatible with the JS-4.750 swinging bucket rotor. Always refer to the rotor manual for the list of compatible tubes, adapters and accessories.
*Up to three Beckman Coulter plates, separated by cap strips, can be run per carrier at maximum multi-well plate speeds. If running four Beckman Coulter plates, cap strips cannot be used due to height limitations; reduce run speed to 2,700 rpm. Observe manufacturer’s run speed and stacking limitations if using other manufacturers’ multi-well plates.

Información para pedidos: Warranty is (7) years after delivery of a benchtop centrifuge rotor to the original buyer by Beckman Coulter or by an authorized representative. Please refer to the rotor manual for all details regarding warranty.
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