Screen-Well® FDA Approved Drug Library V2, Enzo Life Sciences

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences

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Screen-Well® FDA Approved Drug Library V2, Enzo Life Sciences
Cell Culture Supplements and Additives
Accelerates drug optimization with a unique collection of compounds of known safety and bioavailability for diverse targets.

  • Compounds can be used for diverse drug discovery in the fields of cardiology, neuropsychiatry, immunology, oncology and more
  • Contains more than 100 additional compounds compared to previous FDA approved library versions
  • 100% known bioactivity and greatest degree of drug-likeness available
  • Recently approved FDA compounds are also included
  • Provides detailed information in omprehensive documentation for each compound

Drug repositioning or repurposing can be an important part of any drug discovery program and has led to several blockbuster drugs (e.g. Viagra and Rogaine). High-content screens, new biomarkers, and noninvasive imaging techniques have created new opportunities for pursuing novel indications for approved compounds. Being FDA approved and in use in the clinics, all of the compounds in Screen-Well® FDA v. 2.0 Approved Drug Library have known and well-characterized bioactivity, safety, and bioavailability - properties which could dramatically accelerate drug development and optimization. The library also avoids irrelevant compounds found in similar libraries, such as herbicides, insecticides, sunscreen agents, and cytotoxic agents. This set provides one of the richest sources of bioactives and offers the greatest degree of drug-likeness available. Hits from this set will provide a significant head start in any drug optimization program. Many of the compounds included can also be provided as standalone compounds for further testing.

Información para pedidos: Contains over 770 compounds, selected to maximize chemical and pharmacological diversity.
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