DNA/RNA Shield™ Swab Collection Tubes, Zymo Research

Supplier: Zymo Research
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DNA/RNA Shield™ Swab Collection Tubes, Zymo Research
Swabs Swabs for Sampling
Swab collection system with tubes pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield™ for collection and stabilization of nucleic acid at room termperature.

  • Nucleic acid preservation (at ambient temperature; cold-free)
  • Pathogen inactivation (bacteria, fungus, parasites & viruses)
  • Streamlined purification (no reagent removal, universally compatible, automatable)

A general swab collection system (12 x 80 mm screwcap tube) that allows for the collection of samples including mouth, nose, throat, etc

Mouth, nose, and throat sample collection
Environmental sample collection
Pathogen inactivation and detection

The swab is collected into a tube prefilled with DNA/RNA Shield™, which effectively inactivates viral, bacterial, and other pathogens. Samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ are ready for downstream purification and any nucleic acid-based analysis.
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