Motic Panthera L LifeScience Microscope

Supplier: Motic
75853-946EA 3471.3 USD
Motic Panthera L LifeScience Microscope
The Panthera L is the life science model of Motic’s Panthera Series and is one of the most fully-featured compound microscopes available from Motic.

  • Motic LightTracer technology enables the user to set custom lighting presets for each objective
  • Led Full Kohler illumination results in vivid, detailed images and works well with delicate specimens
  • Illumination methods are interchangeable (3W LED/30W Halogen) based on user need
  • The led light intensity indicator easily alerts the user to lighting settings
  • New rackless mechanical stage built to last longer through heavy use
  • Able to perform a wide variety contrast techniques
  • Contrasting techniques BF, PH, POL, DF, MMC

It’s filled with high-end components and leading edge features, including Motic’s ImagingOnDevice technology, which allows the user to interact with images on a directly connected screen without using a computer

Digital Smart Cam and Motic’s ImagingOnDevice system enables seamless connectivity with tablets and HDMI screens. This enables the user to view and capture, change colors, create albums, access camera controls and more, all without the use of a computer.

The Panthera L is a true ‘smart’ microscope, distinguished by its remarkable variety of built-in digital capabilities. Its Smart CAM digital head and the ImagingOnDevice System simplifies daily work by allowing the user to directly connect their microscope to an HDMI screen or tablet running the Panthera App. This allows for viewing images on screen, taking measurements, capturing images and creating albums, all without the use of a computer. A LAN port also offers the option of running a DigiClass, or remote image sharing.

Beyond its digital capabilities, the Panthera L has an astonishing list of premium features. These include a rackless mechanical stage, interchangeable LED/Halogen illumination sources, and a wide variety of available contrast techniques. In addition, the Panthera L features Motic LightTracer technology, enabling the user to make customized lighting presets for each objective. Other premium components include Infinity Corrected Plan UC Achromat objectives, a .90/1.25 Abbe condenser, and an LED coded nosepiece to indicate light intensity.

Other leading edge features include a rackless mechanical stage and customizable lighting presets. Designed to make the lives of research and lab professionals easier in every possible way, this digital microscope is the perfect addition to any lab or industrial research facility.
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