FastPrep™ Tube Caps, MP Biomedicals, LLC

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
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FastPrep™ Tube Caps, MP Biomedicals, LLC
Closures Test/Sample Tube Closures
Colored 2mL Screw Cap with O-Ring.

  • Fit empty FastPrep™ 2mL Tubes
  • Hold sample for homogenization
  • Sample Lysis

Designed for use with empty FastPrep™ Tubes. Add sample to empty tube, add appropriate Lysing matrix material and lysing buffer, and apply cap. Process using FastPrep™ instrument or other bead-beater to lyse, grind, or homogenize the sample.

Instrument Compatibility: FastPrep-24, FastPrep-96, SuperFastPrep-2, FastPrep-24 5G
Kit compatibility: FastDNA and FastDNA Spin, FastRNAPro, FastRNA Spin, FastProtein, GeneClean for Ancient DNA, all miniprep 2mL
Adapter compatibility: QuickPrep (24x2 mL); HiPrep (48x2 mL); CoolPrep (24x2 mL); QuickFlex (96x2 mL); ConeFlex Legacy (allows all FP24 adapters on FP96)
Application areas: Sample Preparation, Sample Lysis, Nucleic Acid Isolation & Purification, Protein Isolation, Molecular Biology, Gene Expression, Microbiological Analysis, Gene Function, Gene Regulation.
Sample throughput: Low, Medium, and High

Lab essential type: Lysing Matrix Tube Caps

Melting point: 130 - 171 °C
Specific gravity: 0.855 gm/cm3 amorphous, 0.946gm/cm3 crystalline
Storage and handling: Store at Room Temperature (15 - 30 °C)
Tube compatibility: 2 ml

Certificaciones: DNase- and RNase-free.
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