VWR® Ion Chromatography (IC) PolyVials

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® Ion Chromatography (IC) PolyVials
VWR® Ion Chromatography (IC) Vials are compatible with Dionex® and Metrohm-Peak® Autosamplers.

  • Vials for Ion Chromatography analysis of Environmental, Water/Wastewater, Pharmaceutical, and Research samples
  • Filter cap vials provide in-line filtration, reducing sample treatment and overall cost
  • Caps are compatible with Dionex® AS-40 and AS-DV Autosamplers
  • Conical 12 ml polypropylene vial has pierceable top for easy needle penetration
  • Vial is compatible with Metrohm-Peak® Autosampler

VWR® IC Vials for Dionex Autosamplers

VWR® Ion Chromatography (IC) Vials with Filter Caps, available in 5 and 0.5 ml sizes, are compatible with Dionex® AS-40 or AS-DV autosamplers. VWR® IC vials with Filter caps provide in-line filtration that can eliminate additional sample filtering steps, reducing sample pre-treatment time and overall costs. VWR® IC 7 ml Vials with pierceable caps are compatible with Dionex® AS-50 or AS-AP autosamplers.

The VWR® IC Vials are made of high-grade polypropylene. The filter caps enable particulate matter to be removed prior to sample injection and include polyethylene frits. This can help increase column performance and extend column lifetime.

Simplify cap insertion for 5 ml filter vials with the VWR® IC Insertion tool.

VWR® Ion Chromatography (IC) vials are designed for use with Metrohm-Peak® Autosamplers. Made from high-grade polypropylene, these vials have a 16 mm diameter with a capacity of up to 12 ml. These conical tubes have a pierceable polyethylene cap that keeps airborne contaminants out, yet is easily penetrated by sampling needle.
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