Super Erecta Shelf® Ledges, 100 mm (4"), Stackable, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
L54N-4C L30N-4C L60N-4C L14N-4S L30N-4C L54N-4S L72N-4S L24N-4C L30N-4S L21N-4C L30N-4S L48N-4S L54N-4S L21N-4S L42N-4C L42N-4S L18N-4S L24N-4S L48N-4C L42N-4S L36N-4S L54N-4C L60N-4S L21N-4S L72N-4C L18N-4C L36N-4C L48N-4S L42N-4C L60N-4S L24N-4C L18N-4C L24N-4S L36N-4C L14N-4C L14N-4S L36N-4S L72N-4S L60N-4C L72N-4C L21N-4C L14N-4C L18N-4S L48N-4C
22233-302EA 128.16 USD
CA22233-312 22233-302 CA22233-278 CA22233-310 CA22233-298 22233-300 CA22233-276 22233-306 CA22233-314 22233-304 22233-284 CA22233-292 22233-282 CA22233-290 22233-288 CA22233-274 CA22233-296 22233-286 CA22233-294 CA22233-272 22233-280 CA22233-308 CA22233-306 22233-314 CA22233-300 CA22233-288 22233-312 22233-278 CA22233-304 CA22233-302 CA22233-282 22233-294 22233-272 CA22233-280 22233-292 22233-310 CA22233-286 22233-276 22233-298 CA22233-284 22233-296 22233-274 22233-290 22233-308
Super Erecta Shelf® Ledges, 100 mm (4"), Stackable, Metro™
Furniture Shelves
Stackable Super Erecta Shelf® Ledges for use with Super Erecta® shelving systems.

  • May be stacked to form an 8" (203 mm) or higher barrier
  • Ledges prevent items from protruding or falling from shelves

Note: Actual ledge length is approximately 2.5 cm (1") shorter than the nominal shelf length/width.
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