BA 410 Elite Compound Upright Microscope, Motic Instruments

Supplier: Motic
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BA 410 Elite Compound Upright Microscope, Motic Instruments
The BA410 Elite is the flagship of Motic's biological microscope series, and is intended for a wide array of laboratory and research applications

Standard with the BA410 Elite series is Motic’s Enhanced Contrast (EC-H) plan achromatic lenses. These are easily upgraded to Motic’s plan fluar or plan apochromatic lenses for further enhanced image fidelity. A large rackless mechanical stage featuring smooth, ball-bearing drive motion, and 1mm graduated scale allows for precise, repeatable positioning of specimen slides. Robust design and exceptional upgradeability ensure that the BA410 Elite will be a work-horse for years to come.

Modular by design, the BA410 Elite is upgradeable with phase contrast, polarizing, epi-fluorescence, and discussion/teaching devices available to further increase the utility of this microscope. The professional focusing, swing-out Abbe condenser offers focused, consistent lighting across the entire magnification range providing exact, publication quality images when coupled with a Moticam camera.

Información para pedidos: Microscope is supplied with Micrometer reticles, phase contrast accessories, polarizing accessories, Darkfield accessories, and Epi-fluorescence attachments. Contact your VWR representative to learn more about this and other Motic solutions. All Motic products come with a one-year electrical and five-year mechanical warranty.
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