Ovation® M, Ergonomic Mechanical Pipettors, VistaLab

Supplier: VistaLab
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Ovation® M, Ergonomic Mechanical Pipettors, VistaLab
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Ovation® pipettors have a unique and patented ergonomic design, the only type that will keep user's hand and wrist in the neutral position recommended by ergonomic experts.

The angled shape allows users to pipette with low arm and elbow height, decreasing tension and associated pain in the neck, shoulder, back, and elbow. The Ovation® M Mechanical model combines conventional analog volume setting with VistaLab Technologies superior accuracy and precision. The contoured shape and adjustable hook assures a comfortable, easy grip and custom fit hand hold. The spring loaded tip acquisition means a gentle push is all that is required to attach tips, and an audible 'click' confirms secure attachment. Tips 'flick' off easily with a low force push of the eject button.

Special filters in the nozzle prevent liquid from being inadvertently aspirated into the pipettor, protecting it from contamination. Ovation pipettors are the only pipettors that stand on their own, which means tips never touch the bench, even if the pipettor is put down in the middle of a procedure. These devices are color-coded to make identification quick and easy for volume range selection. A convenient microtube cap-opener is built in to the base. Ovation® M pipettors are fully autoclavable.

Información para pedidos: Ovation® M pipettors are supplied with a two-year warranty.
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