Drawer Mounting Brackets for VWR® Benches

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
854463-VWR 722412-VWR E722998-VWR E722999-VWR E723000-VWR 722411-VWR TP718VWRDB TP712VWRDB TP715VWRDB E722996-VWR 860930-VWR E723001-VWR TPVWRDBK E722997-VWR 722410-VWR
10611-638EA 181.67 USD
10611-638 10611-648 10820-620 10611-646 10611-644 89524-608 89524-610 10820-624 10611-654 10611-642 10611-652 10820-622 10769-372 10611-640 10611-650
Drawer Mounting Brackets for VWR® Benches
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Drawer/cabinet units, including Contour, can be easily mounted to VWR® benches using these drawer brackets.

Información para pedidos: In order to determine the necessary bracket, select your drawer unit type and bench style/size from the table below. Only the following Contour cabinets can be suspended from VWR® C-leg and 4-leg benches. These include modules CFC03M1918PB, CFC03M1918LPB, CFD00M1918PB, CFD85M1918PB, CFC03M2518PB, CFC03M2518LPB, CFE40M2518PB, CFE40M2518LPB, CFD85M2518PB, and CFD00M2518PB.
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