Fastprep-24™ Sample Preparation Instrument, MP Biomedicals

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
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Fastprep-24™ Sample Preparation Instrument, MP Biomedicals
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The FastPrep™-24 Instrument is a high-speed benchtop homogenizer offering the ultimate in speed and performance for the lysis of biological samples.

  • Economical and easy to use
  • Save time at sample preparation step
  • Self-contained system removes possibility for contamination
  • Easy and reproducible isolation of RNA, proteins and genomic DNA

The FastPrep-24 Instrument uses a unique, optimized motion to disrupt cells through the multidirectional, simultaneous beating of specialized Lysing Matrix beads on the sample material

FastPrep®-24 Instrument lyses thoroughly and uickly any tissues and cells and thus allows easy and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins and full-length genomic DNA. Extractions of nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites and other small molecules from virtually sample.

Developed for difficult and resistant samples.

Información accesorios: With the FastPrep-24 or FastPrep-24 5G Instrument, and optimized Lysing Matrices, consistent reproducible results are obtained. Adapter holds 24×2 ml Lysing Matrix tubes. Standard adapter supplied with the FastPrep-24™ Instrument. The ergonomic design of the adapter ensures an easy loading of Lysing Matrix tubes that remain securely sealed during the homogenization. It stands stable on the bench top and is commonly used as a tube rack. Ideally suited for high-throughput applications, up to 24 samples can be homogenized simultaneously. Additionally, frozen samples in Lysing Matrix tubes loaded in the adapter and stored at –20 °C or –80 °C are ready to be immediately processed with minimal hands-on manipulation, preventing degradation of cellular components by endogenous enzymes.

Información para pedidos: FastPrep-24 Instrument, power cord, standard QuickPrep adapter (24×2 ml cap) and user manual.
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