Protector® Echo™ Filtered Fume Hood, Labconco

Supplier: Labconco
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Protector® Echo™ Filtered Fume Hood, Labconco
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Ductless Fume Hoods
The Protector® Echo™ Filtered Fume Hood combines the trusted filtration of Erlab’s Neutrodine® Filter with the quality, innovation and energy-efficient fume hood designs of Labconco's unparalleled engineering to create an adaptable fully-featured fume hood that requires NO DUCTING! The Protector® Echo™ Filtered Fume Hood features many defining characteristics of Labconco Protector Hoods including the patented Eco-Foil™ Air Foil with Clean-Sweep openings, fiberglass-reinforced panel liner, fully closing sash, electrical receptacles and service fixtures.

GFH Filtration Technology allows the Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hood to perform well beyond the SEFA 9-2010 DH III definition. User safety is maintained through numerous built-in features that constantly monitor and prevent unsafe conditions without relying on user practices or modifications. These safeguards include controlled access to specified users via radio frequency identification (RFID) cards, a sensor package that detects primary filter breakthrough of solvent and acid fumes, laboratory air quality, sash position and temperature, audio/visual alarms, and intelligent filter indication of type and status to prevent saturated filters being re-installed. The optional gGuard® communication software offers real time monitoring of data.

Because the Protector Echo requires no connection to ductwork, initial building infrastructure change costs are minimized and allows the hood to be placed in hard-to-duct areas such as the center or bottom level of multi-level buildings. Should lab configurations change, the Protector Echo may be relocated without disrupting existing heating and air conditioning systems. The Neutrodine Filter has been tested and found efficient on over 500 chemicals, and may last 2 years or more before requiring replacement. The Protector Echo creates significant energy savings because it doesn't exhaust tempered room air from the lab and has no make-up air! It also eliminates air pollutant emissions.

The hood is constructed of a glacier white powder-coated steel exterior and a chemical-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced, composite panel liner. The vertical-rising sash is a single piece of tempered safety glass with cable pulley, sash weight and powder-coated aluminum sash handle and tracks with Clean-Sweep™ airflow openings. Sash stop is at 16" sash opening height. Sash opens to 28" high for loading. The sightline from the work surface and header panel is 37.5" (95.3 cm) high.

Certificaciones: All models conform or are certified to the following regulations and standards: UL 61010-1; CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1; SEFA 9-2010, DHIII; SEFA 8-2010, Cabinet Surface Finish Tests; ASHRAE 110-95; ANSI Z9.5-2011; AFNOR NF-X 15-211; ASTM E84-09C.

Información accesorios: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Cards are required for use and maintenance providing additional safety and data/usage records by ensuring only authorized personnel access the hood.The Administration Card provides full access to view stored information on the fume hood. It is required to operate/view stored data on the fume hood, including user time usage.

Información para pedidos: The Protector Echo benchtop Filtered Fume Hood is available in 3 styles: no windows, side windows, and 360° windows, and 4 widths: 4', 5', 6', and 8'. Each hood requires a work surface, base cabinet or stand, and Neutrodine Filters (sold separately). The number of filters needed depends on the hood's width. Optional accessories include ADA Remote control, gGuard® Communication software, HEPA Filter, and Sash Opening Reduction Wing Kits.

NOTE: The Lifetime Payback Questionnaire (LPQ) form is REQUIRED for all Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hood orders. It must be completed in full, submitted, reviewed, and approved before an order can be processed. Lead times do not start until the LPQ is approved. Contact your sales representative or Labconco for more information or a copy of the form.
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