HyFlex® 11-818 Nylon-Spandex Gloves, Palm Coated, Ansell

Supplier: Ansell
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HyFlex® 11-818 Nylon-Spandex Gloves, Palm Coated, Ansell
Offering barehand-like comfort and tactility with high durability, gloves combine ultra-lightweight comfort with lasting durability.

  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Improved range of movement
  • Palm coated for ultimate flexibility
  • Best-in-class comfort

Exceptional durability is owed to Ansell FORTIX™ technology, a thin, strong and breathable nitrile foam coating with abrasion resistance levels that outperform lightweight and some medium-weight styles.

Diverse HyFlex styles provide the best-in-class comfort, protection and dexterity required for the precise manipulation of small parts, controlled operation of power tools and gear, and direct handling of heavy parts and materials.

The ultra-thin FORTIX™ nitrile foam coating provides an enhanced dry grip and lasts up to three times longer than comparable coatings for extended glove life. With its more porous nitrile foam formulation and sheer 18-gauge construction, the HyFlex 11-818 provides an exceptionally cool and dry worker experience. Outstanding Mechanical Performance ANSI Level 4 (EN 4) abrasion resistance scores make the ultra-lightweight gloves ideal for diverse general handling and assembly tasks. Gloves are silicone-free so there is no transfer of silicone contaminants to metal parts prior to painting.

ZONZ™ Comfort Fit Technology is an innovative knitting technology that uses varying stitch designs around stress areas to tailor glove fit and enhance hand movement for higher dexterity and reduced fatigue. FORTIX™ is a patent-pending technology that applies a thin, resilient and breathable nitrile foam coating to knitted gloves to dramatically extend their working life and improve their comfort in abrasive applications.

The comfortable fit is due to Ansell’s ZONZ™ Comfort Fit technology, which optimizes the knitting in selected liner zones to improve support, breathability, and range of movement. Seamless 18-gauge nylon-spandex liner and ultra-thin palm coating yield ultimate flexibility and dexterity.

Certificaciones: ANSI Level 4 (EN 4) abrasion resistance.

Envase: Gloves are packaged 12 pairs in a bag; 12 bags in a carton.
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