AlphaImager® Mini

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AlphaImager® Mini
Transilluminators UV Transilluminators
A compact imaging system for fluorescent and colorimetric gels

Cabinet features include a iewport with UV blocking shield. The AlphaImager Mini cabinet features a viewport that allows the user to safely view their sample while under UV illumination. Large pull up door with static hinges allowing easy access when positioning or removing sample in cabinet. Dual wavelength transilluminator (optional). This transilluminator has dual wavelengths for optimal excitation of a variety of fluorescent dyes. High and low intensity settings offer additional control over UV illumination. On/Off switch for the Epi white light source. Handle on either side for easy placement of transfer of cabinet. Base seats securely over the transilluminator casing. Epi White light illumination. The cabinet houses epi white lights to assist the user when focusing on a sample. White lights are controlled by an external switch on the cabinet.

Camera features include 1.3 million pixel, scientific grade camera for high quality images, USB 2.0 connection for fast data transfer, and F1.2 zoom lens for adjusting both zoom and focus.

Cell BiosciencesAlphaImager Mini offers powerful imaging capacity by utilizing a scientific grade camera providing 1.3 million pixel images, and streamlined AlphaSnap software, all in a compact system contained in a new, 14 lb cabinet. While this system requires very little bench space, it images a variety of fluorescent DNA and protein stains. Designed for rapid gel imaging, the AlphaImager Mini is ideal for daily fluorescent and colorimetric research applications.
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