Parasep® Fecal Parasite Concentrators, Apacor

Supplier: Apacor
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Parasep® Fecal Parasite Concentrators, Apacor
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Parasep fecal parasite concentrators are for fecal concentration of helminth ova and larvae/protozoa cysts and oocysts

Parasep's patented vertical filter device removes blockage, which occurs in all flat filter methods, thus increasing the yield of parasites. Sample clarity is enhanced too with our dual 425 µm and 220 µm filtration methodology, as it reduces the amount of debris on the slides making them easier to examine.

We have many users of our Parasep methodology in the US, including the large parasitology reference laboratories ARUP and Mayo Clinic. Apacor is proud to confirm that our collaborators in the US are ARUP with whom we have improved our reagents and procedure further still. On their web site you will be able to review some of the benefits of our procedure, a training video and their IFU for Parasep.

One vial is required to conduct PCR, EIA, Lugol’s Iodine wet mount and Trichrome permanent stain. The patented formalin-free solutions reduces costs by removing the need to purchase more than one vial.

Parasep removes preparation steps and provides an enclosed system for lab personnel, so there is no exposure to stool or exposed fumes. There is no need for a fume hood or re-suspension of any further reagents, such as formalin or ethyl acetate.

Certificaciones: CE certified.

Información para pedidos: Parasep is available in a variety of pre-dispensed combinations. Our unique, patented, vertical filtration, parasite fecal concentration device is also available without reagent.
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