Eppendorf Research® plus Adjustable-Volume Pipettes

Supplier: Eppendorf
Research® plus
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Eppendorf Research® plus Adjustable-Volume Pipettes
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The ultra light Research plus pipette meets the highest needs in precision and accuracy combined with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility.

  • Robust
  • Resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress
  • Four digit volume display with magnifying shape

Volume adjustment: Only a few turns to reach your desired volume. Control button: Very low operating force, colour indicates pipette volume, positioned for perfect ergonomics. Ejector: Very low operating force, positioned for perfect ergonomics. Secondary adjustment display and opening. Adjust your pipette to a liquid very different than water. Quick connection clip: Remove lower part easily (not in 5 and 10 ml pipettes). Spring loaded tip cone: Improved ergonomics, tight fit to the tip (not in 5 and 10 ml pipettes)

Ergonomics: Feel the difference in weight, pipetting forces and the spring loaded tip cone. Flexibility: Your next experiment will need new pipetting schemes. Your new laboratory might have different sources of contamination. Your new pipette should offer all the flexibility you need. Calibrate your Research plus to your needs, autoclave the entire pipette or only the lower part.
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